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Discover the natural world beneath your feet

Have you ever tried walking barefoot in the forest? I'll always cherish the memory of my first barefoot walk through a mountain forest. It felt like a deep and intuitive connection to my natural surroundings. Each step over the sticks and small stones felt like an impromptu acupressure session for my feet.

In this edition, we explore the numerous health benefits of going barefoot and the benefits of making the switch to Vivobarefoot, a genuinely regenerative shoe company that cares about the planet and your wellbeing. (P.s. get 20% off Vivobarefoot shoes using code: VHEVENT20)

Barefoot Nature Walk at Sunü Festival with Vivobarefoot & Zaya friends

5 benefits of going barefoot 🌿

  1. Improved Foot Strength: Walking or running barefoot can help strengthen the muscles in your feet, which are often underused when you wear shoes with arch support and cushioning.

  2. Better Balance and Proprioception: Barefoot walking or running can enhance your proprioception, which is your body's awareness of its position in space. This, in turn, can improve your balance and coordination.

  3. Connection with Nature: Going barefoot allows you to feel different textures and surfaces, which can stimulate your sensory nerves and provide a unique sensory experience. This can be enjoyable and contribute to a greater connection with nature and your wellbeing.

  4. Reduced Risk of Foot Problems: Some people find that going barefoot can help prevent or alleviate certain foot problems, such as bunions and ingrown toenails, as it reduces pressure on the toes and allows for natural toe splay.

  5. Improved Foot Biomechanics: Barefoot walking or running can promote a more natural gait and foot strike pattern, potentially reducing the risk of certain injuries.

But let’s be honest, if you live in a city, going barefoot might be a bit challenging…that’s where Vivobarefoot steps in - no pun intended ;)

Who is Vivobarefoot 🦶 🌳 

Vivobarefoot is a certified B Corp on a mission to reconnect people to the natural world and their natural potential. And it starts with your feet. Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot draws upon simple barefoot design principles:

  • Wide, thin and flexible - Wide (for natural stability)

  • Minimalist footwear increases balance and stability

  • Thin (for natural sensory feedback)

  • Increases the quality of information to the brain

  • Flexible (for natural strength and energy return)

*wearing Vivobarefoot’wear for 6 months increases foot-strength by 60% - These principles optimise foot health and natural movement. 

As part of the regenerative quest to become a net-positive business, Vivobarefoot launched ReVivo in 2020. A first of its kind, secondary market for professionally reconditioned footwear. ReVivo keeps Vivobarefoot products viable for longer -and out of landfill.

The Livebarefoot Fund, is an in-house impact hub catalysing mission-aligned innovation, research and advocacy programs. The latest annual Unfinished Business impact report details the highs and lows (and yearly accounts) of what it takes to create a regenerative business.

What is Vivohealth?

A recently launched educational platform, VIVOHEALTH, supports the objective with expert-led health content initially helping customers transition to barefoot movement (and foot rehabilitation). The platform offers content led by natural health experts with online courses, health assessment tools and workshops that will help you achieve your human potential.

Reconnect your feet with the ground, and move in the ways that nature intended…

If you’re ready to take the next step, try out Vivobarefoot shoes using the discount code below!

Get 20% off using the code: VHEVENT20

Events: A Tea Ceremony in Berlin ✨ 

Much love,