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Sunü Festival 🪐 : The recap, the story, & what's next

TL;DR (Too Long Didn't Read): It's been 3 weeks since our biggest project release, Sunü Festival! The festival was filled with so many beautiful moments and people ✨ we’re still overflowing with so much gratitude for the entire experience. Read below to watch the replay of 4 workshops, listen to the recorded dj sets, get access to some goodie bags from our partners, and learn about our next big offering, the Zaya Creators Lab! 🦋 

Relive the Sunü experience 🔮

Thank you to our partners 🙏 

First and most importantly, thank you to everyone involved - this entire experience could not have happened without our partners. Please take moment to learn about them, support them, and check out the little goodie bags they left behind: 

Apply to our Creators Lab! 🌎 ☮️

As we approach the end of the fifth year since Zaya’s inception, we've gained a deeper understanding of the substantial influence that trauma, beliefs, behaviors, and conditioning can exert on our economy, political sphere, and the environment.

While our world is undeniably beautiful, it is also a place where much suffering exists. What we require more than ever are mindful creators and leaders who are building projects directly aimed at addressing worldly challenges, such as improving mental health or reducing income inequality.

We’re very excited to announce, that Zaya is now opening its doors to its very own Creators Lab. A lab for mindful creators and leaders to build high impact projects that address human and planetary suffering. As a creator, we support by giving you a community, funding, products, and resources to help you nurture your projects and your wellbeing. We will be launching the lab in the next few months and would love to kick it off by inviting those within the community to apply 💙 

If you or someone you know may be interested in being a part of our creator lab, fill out this form to get started: https://forms.gle/ba3Jub8P5XQK69pu8

Join our community telegram group

Stay updated on Zaya, let the community know what you’re working on, and meet like-minded people across the globe 🌎

That’s all for now.

Much love, Nadeya.